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Silver Bobbinet™ EMF Faraday Fabric by SwissTulle AG®

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Stay Safe from 4G and 5G Radiation with Our Highly Durable Shielding Material

The most transparent shielding material. All things considered (price, protection, transparency, portability, etc.), this material is our best value for money fabric. It is a very light grey in colour (which is the reason for its high transparency), lightweight, and is easy to sew and process. 

Silver-Plated Bobbinet Faraday Fabric

It’s a silver-plated (non-allergenic) bobbinet fabric with conductive surfaces. Woven for durability, the fibres used are folded long staple Egyptian cotton, Lycra, polyamide, polyester, silk, and polypropylene.

Get 90% Protection from 5G and Radar at 8-12GHz with Our Lightweight Shielding Material

It stops incoming microwave radiation energy over a range that encompasses cordless telephones, WiFi, WiMax, and Bluetooth, along with all major mobile/cellular phone bands. Tested by Qinetic, it achieved 99% protection for GSM/Edge/2G and 3G; 95% of 4G and 5G (up to 8GHz); and 90% of 5G and radar at 8-12GHz).

Get shielded today and stay safe from the dangers of electromagnetic radiation!


  • Unique fabric for added breathability and transparency
  • Lightweight fabric with superb radar-reflective properties
  • Advanced electronic shielding with over 90% signal reduction for 5G signals
  • Durable and portable canopy made of long-lasting materials
  • Comprehensive EMF blocking capability for protection
  • Portable solution, take anywhere
  • Can be used for net curtains or bed canopies


Silver Bobbinet™, by swisstulle AG® | Attenuation see table below, but average 18dB (2GHz-8GHz) | High transparency polyester | durable and crease-resistant, sheer grey in appearance | Width 172 cm, and sold by the running metre (which means the purchase of 1 metre, will provide 1.72 square metres of material). Wonderful for net curtains or bed canopies.


Kindly understand that due to the unique nature of this product and its custom sizing, we regret to inform you that returns can only be accepted in the event of a manufacturing defect or if the item is received in a faulty condition. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Please request a free sample before ordering if you are unsure on the material's suitability.

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