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swisstulle AG® Silver Bobbinet™ Bell-Shaped 5G EMF Bed Canopy

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Experience Ultimate Sleep Comfort with Silver Bobbinet™ Bed Canopy

Experience electronic shielding with the Silver Bobbinet™ Bed Canopy. This bed canopy is a uniquely constructed fabric where the weft yarns are twisted diagonally around the warp to form an exceptionally stable and clearly defined hexagonal mesh. The feature is fully exploited by using pure silver-coated yarn.

Radar Reflectance and Advanced Frequency Blocking Capabilities

This lightweight fabric provides superb radar-reflective properties. Tested by Qinetic between 8.2GHz and 12 GHz, our standard fabric achieved an average of 90% power reflection.

The material's high reflectivity results in an ideal solution for radar applications like military decoys, weather balloon identification panels and tow targets.

Advanced Electronic Shielding for Home

Qinetic also tested the fabric for power and signal reduction for shielding purposes, giving results of over 99% on 3G phone signals and 95% on 4G. Many people suffer from poor sleep patterns, which could result from exposure to environmental electromagnetic radiation. The canopy protects from all angles, knowing you're covered in whatever direction the source may be coming from.

Years of Dedication to the Craft

Constructed in 1825, the Perry Street Mill has produced Bobbinet for almost 200 years. The material is durable, crease-resistance and a very light grey in appearance (giving the canopy its transparency). The bed canopy shines with its breathability and lightweight fabric, making the user never feel claustrophobic and creating the perfect ambience. It is easily folded and can be taken to another destination, making it a portable solution, unlike other canopies. It's a silver-plated, non-allergenic bobbinet fabric with conductive surfaces. The fibres used are long-staple Egyptian cotton, Lycra, polyamide, polyester, silk, and polypropylene, so the canopy produced is long-lasting and effective for years to come.

Signal Blocking Strength

It stops incoming microwave radiation energy over a range encompassing cordless telephones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and all major mobile/cellular phone bands. Tested by Qinetic, it achieved 99% protection for GSM/Edge/2G and 3G, 95% of 4G and 5G (up to 8GHz), and 90% of 5G and radar at 8-12GHz).

Get your EMF-blocking bed canopy today!


  • Unique fabric for added breathability and transparency
  • Lightweight fabric with superb radar-reflective properties
  • Advanced electronic shielding with over 90% signal reduction for 5G signals
  • Durable and portable canopy made of long-lasting materials
  • Comprehensive EMF blocking capability for protection


  • Better and deeper sleep with frequency disturbances
  • Transparency reduces claustrophobia
  • Fold up and take it anywhere you go
  • Easy to clean and store away if needed
  • Peace of mind knowing your protected from your environment

What's Included

  • Bed Canopy
  • Screwable Ceiling Hook
  • Outer Packaging, Guide and Instructions


Specification Description
Sleep Comfort Unique fabric construction with pure silver-coated yarn provides ultimate sleep comfort and electronic shielding.
Radar Reflectance Lightweight fabric achieves superb radar-reflective properties, with an average of 90% power reflection between 8.2GHz and 12 GHz.
Electronic Shielding Tested to provide over 99% signal reduction for 3G phone signals and 95% for 4G. Protects from environmental electromagnetic radiation.
Durability Long-lasting and crease-resistant fabric made of long-staple Egyptian cotton, Lycra, polyamide, polyester, silk, and polypropylene.
Portability Lightweight and easily foldable for use in different locations.
Comprehensive EMF Blocking Stops incoming microwave radiation energy encompassing cordless phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and all major mobile/cellular phone bands. Tested to achieve 99% protection for GSM/Edge/2G and 3G, 95% of 4G and 5G (up to 8GHz), and 90% of 5G and radar at 8-12GHz.
Craftsmanship Produced by Perry Street Mill since 1825. The silver-plated, non-allergenic bobbinet fabric with conductive surfaces is durable, breathable, and transparent, making the user feel comfortable and relaxed.

Care Instructions

We recommend washing with YSHIELD TexCare Detergent for a long-lasting, protective bed canopy.


Kindly understand that due to the unique nature of this product and its custom sizing, we regret to inform you that returns can only be accepted in the event of a manufacturing defect or if the item is received in a faulty condition. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Please request a free sample before ordering if you are unsure on the material's suitability.

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