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Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is the propagation of energy in the form of waves or particles that are electrically and magnetically charged.

EMR is also branded as the term EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency).

Electromagnetic radiation can affect someone in several ways, depending on the type of radiation, the intensity of exposure, and the duration of exposure.

Here are some ways that electromagnetic radiation can affect someone:

1/ Thermal effects

Exposure to certain types of electromagnetic radiation, such as radio waves and microwaves, can cause heating of tissues in the body. This can lead to burns, tissue damage, as well as other health problems.

2/ DNA damage

Exposure to EMF can cause damage to DNA molecules in cells. This can lead to mutations, cancer, and other health problems.

3/ Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS)

Some people are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and can experience symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, difficulties concentrating, dizziness and nausea when exposed to electromagnetic fields from sources such as cell phones, Wi-Fi, and nearby power lines or cell towers.

It's important to note that this condition is controversial and not currently recognised as a medical diagnosis by major health organizations. It's also essential to understand that experiencing these symptoms does not necessarily mean you have EHS. Using our products could mitigate the sensitivity issue, but it's best to consult with a healthcare provider if you are concerned about your symptoms.

The electromagnetic spectrum includes a wide range of frequencies and is divided into several regions.

Radio waves

Used for communication technology such as radio and television broadcasting, cell phone signals, and radar.

Less than 3 kHz to 300 GHz.


Used for communication technology such as satellite and wireless communications, cooking food, and medical treatment.

300 MHz to 300 GHz

Infrared radiation

Used for thermal imaging cameras, remote controls, heating, and medical treatment.

300 GHz to 400 THz

Visible light

Allows us to see our surroundings and is used in fibre optic communication.

400 THz to 750 THz

Ultraviolet radiation

Used in tanning beds, black lights, and sterilisation of medical equipment. Can also be harmful in large amounts.

750 THz to 30 PHz


Used for medical imaging, security screening, and scientific research.

30 PHz to 30 EHz

Gamma rays

Used in cancer treatment, nuclear power, and scientific research. Can be harmful in large amounts.

Greater than 30 EHz

Please keep in mind that the frequency ranges listed here are approximate and may vary depending on the source.

We sell a variety of products, including radiation-blocking phone cases and laptop shields, clothing, EMF meters, bed canopies, EMF paint and wallpaper and much more.

We currently stock three:

DefenderShield Headphones

DefenderShield Kids Headphones

WaveWall Earphones

WaveWall is a more affordable in-ear option that produces crisp, clear sound with a good bass. Great for laptop use, taking calls and listening to music when not actively moving.

DefenderShield Headphones are more of a high-end option that give extra comfort, stay on your head whilst working out or running and produce professional-quality, crisp sound.

If you have any more questions, please get in touch with us.

Generally, we offer a 25 day return policy, with a 5 day notification period, to give you peace of mind.

Some products are excluded specifically from this policy, due to the nature, size or location of the item.

See our Return Policy for full details.

Yes, we offer warranties and guarantees for our products. Please read our returns policy for the specific product warranty duration or alternatively, the individual products pages to obtain the conditions of any guarantee or warranty for that specific product.

Electromagnetic radiation is a type of radiation that comes from electronic devices, such as cell phones and Wi-Fi routers. Ionising radiation is a type of radiation that comes from sources such as X-rays and gamma rays.

Yes, our products are safe for use by children and pregnant women.

Our Kids Section has a selection of products particularly surrounded for use with children.

We do recommend consulting with a doctor before using any radiation-blocking products during pregnancy.

Please email us at today if you are unsure what products will meet your specific needs based on your level of radiation exposure and the devices you use.

Our products are designed to reduce radiation exposure, but no product can completely block all forms of radiation.

Brands such as DefenderShield have a line of product which UltraShield Technology that blocks up to 99% including 5G frequencies, where as brands such as WaveWall block up to 85% radiation.

Our products are rigorously tested and have been shown to significantly reduce radiation exposure.

EMF protecting Bed Canopies are curated to be used in bedrooms, whilst EMF protecting Paint can be used on internal walls or on external façades.

All electronic and shielding products can be used or enjoyed outside however should not be left outside. They are made for indoors but can be used outdoors too.

Yes, our radiation-blocking products are designed to allow you to use your electronic devices normally while reducing radiation exposure.