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What is Electromagnetic Radiation?

Every day we are surrounded by native and non-native electromagnetic fields (EMF). These fields are invisible energy created from surrounding electronic devices, power sources, or the Earth's energy field. EMF is a natural part of our environment as the earth emits a constant geomagnetic field. However, the increasing prevalence of super-fast Wi-Fi, portable wireless devices, and 5G technology means we're exposed to higher levels of man-made frequency. We call these non-native frequencies electromagnetic radiation (EMR). This poses a threat as this type of radiation have been linked to potential adverse health effects.

To protect yourself from these possible risks, investing in shielding products can be a wise health choice, which can make a considerable difference in your life, especially if you are sensitive to these type of frequencies that are emitted each & every day, all around us.

someone holding a phone to their head and radiation going through their brain

EMF & Radiation Risks

EMF and radiation exposure is a growing concern as new technologies are being built around millimeter (MM) wave technology to transmit data at extremely high speeds. As there are a small number of studies that have been completed on this new technology, it has many wondering, how harmful could exposure to 5G actually be?

While most people are exposed to low levels of radiation daily, some studies suggest that prolonged exposure to radiation may be linked to health problems such as headaches, fatigue, and disrupted sleep patterns. Additionally, there are concerns that electromagnetic radiation exposure gone unnoticed may increase the risk of certain types of cancer. Well-being can begin once you reduce your exposure to everyday frequencies. 

Become mindful of your environment, protect longevity, and truly understand what effect your environment is having on your body.

phone with a emf protection phone case

How Anti-Radiation Works

Anti-Radiation means creating a barrier between you and your EMF-emitting device, so your body is not exposed to frequency, which could damage DNA or disrupt cellular function. Taking these precautions can reduce your risk of associated health effects by simply lowering your daily exposure. It's important to note, that while anti-radiation products can significantly help reduce exposure, they should not be relied on as the only solution. Other ways to reduce your radiation exposure include:

  • Limit screen time & use aeroplane mode where possible.
  • Use natural materials like wood, over plastic & metal.
  • Create distance between you and radiation emitters.
  • Use wired, rather than wireless connections.
  • Get outdoors in nature every day.

By combining these strategies, you can help protect you & your loved ones from the potential risks of radiation exposure, commonly found in today's society.