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MVG 5G Radiation Meter EME Guard XS 1MHz–40GHz

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Protect from EMF Exposure near Antennas with the EME Guard XS 40 GHz 5G Radiation Detector

The EME Guard XS 40 GHz is specifically designed for individuals working near antennas, such as installation and maintenance workers, broadcast, PMR, mobile phone operators, or regulatory body employees. As higher 5G frequencies continue to proliferate, the EME Guard XS 40 GHz provides optimal personal in-field protection from 1 MHz up to 40 GHz when installing or maintaining high-power RF sites.

Isotropic Tri-Axis E-field Sensors for Comprehensive EMF Monitoring

This detector features isotropic tri-axis E-field sensors that continuously scan for electromagnetic radiation in all directions. It utilises a combination of LED lights and alarms to alert you when RF levels change, ensuring you stay informed and protected from potentially harmful EMF exposure.

Adaptable to International EMF Exposure Standards

You can order your EME Guard XS 40 GHz set to any of these 4 standards: ICNIRP, FCC 96-326, Safety Code 6, and 2013/35/EU. The alarm threshold can be adjusted at the MVG factory upon request, allowing for customisable protection based on your needs and preferences.

Stay Safe and Informed with the EME Guard XS 40 GHz 5G Radiation Detector

With increasing concerns about the health effects of radio waves, this RF safety tool is crucial for keeping those working close to emitting antennas (broadcast, base stations, radars, etc.) safer. It is easy to use, continuously scanning electromagnetic waves and alerting the user when acceptable limits have been exceeded. The sensitivity range of 5 V/m to 350 V/m ensures accurate EMF measurement across various environments.

Don't compromise your health and safety when working near antennas. Invest in the EME Guard XS 40 GHz 5G radiation detector today and experience unparalleled protection and peace of mind. Order now and secure your defence against EMF exposure in the era of 5G technology.


  • Continuous monitoring of Electromagnetic Field (EMF)
  • Customisation of alarm thresholds
  • EMF level indicated by a LED colour scale
  • Audio and visual alarms triggered when EMF exceeds the reference level
  • Accurate measurement with tri-axis sensors
  • Measurements up to 40 GHz


  • Continuous monitoring of Electromagnetic Field levels with isotropic tri-axis E-field sensors
  • EMF Level indicated by a LED colour scale
  • Audio and visual alarms triggered when EMF exceeds the reference level

User Profile

  • Persons working near antennas including installation and maintenance workers, broadcast, PMR and mobile phone operators or regulatory body employees

What's Included

  • EME Guard XS 40 GHz
  • MVG Case
  • Wirst strap
  • Lanyard
  • Connecting adapter
  • Armband
  • 2 x 1.5 V Size N Alkaline batteries
  • Instructions for use


  • Frequency range: 1 MHz – 40 GHz
  • Upper detection limit: 350V/m
  • Lower detection limit: 5 V/m
  • Isotropic 3-axes probe
  • Frequency response: 1-1000 MHz : +1/+5 dB, 1-3 GHz : +/-2.5dB dB, 3-7 GHz : +2/+6 dB, 7-13 GHz : +6/+11 dB, 13-27 GHz : +6/+11 dB, 27-40 GHz : -6/0 dB
  • Axial isotropy: 100 MHz : ± 0.5 dB, 2.6 GHz : ± 1 dB, 5.5 GHz : ± 1 dB
  • Measurement period; 1 sec
  • Audio alarm: Activated (from 5 V/m to 350 V/m)
  • Visual alarm: 7 LEDs
  • Low battery indicator: Orange LED
  • Temperature, humidity: -10 to 50°C, 85% max. humidity
  • Battery: 2x 1.5 V size N Alkaline removable batteries
  • Battery life: > 1000 hours
  • Dimensions: 132.5x48.5x28.7mm
  • Weight 120g with batteries


  • ICNIRP 2020
  • FCC 96-326
  • Safety Code 6 2015
  • 2013/35/UE

Tech Sheet


You can request to return your item within fourteen days of delivery and return it to us within sixteen days after your request. The customer is responsible for the item's return shipping cost. Items must be in new, sellable condition and with all the original packaging. 

To initiate a return, please email We will provide you with an address to send your return to. The customer must notify Anti-radiation of any damage within the first two days of delivery. If you find any damaged goods within this period, please inform us. We recommend using a trackable shipping service to ensure the safe return of your item. A restocking fee of 15% will be applied to this product.


MVG offer a 2 year warranty on all meters. This warranty extends only to the purchaser and terminates upon ownership transfer. It does not extend to commercial or institutional use or installation.

This warranty is void if the device is subject to alteration, misuse, abuse, accident, natural disaster or non-factory authorised modification or repair. This warranty is also void if the device has been operated or maintained in deviation from the published instructions. The guarantee extends only to manufacturing defects and does not cover any damages resulting from the mishandling of the product by the owner. This warranty does not cover any normal wear and tear due to usage. 

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