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YSHIELD® HSF54 5G HF & LF EMF Shielding Paint (1 Litre)

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Effective EMF Shielding for your Workplace or at Home

HSF54 Shielding Paint is a TÜV-SÜD certified, breathable, solvent-free and low-emission paint that effectively shields high-frequency and low-frequency radiation. With up to 90dB shielding at 40 GHz, this paint is suitable for interiors and exteriors, providing excellent adhesion on almost all substrates.

All-Purpose Shielding Paint

The paint is finely pigmented, forming a hard film that's easy to apply and covers approximately 7 sqm/L. It shields high-frequency electromagnetic fields and low-frequency electric fields, and grounding is required.

Optional Fiber Additive AF3

HSF54 is a standard paint suitable for everything, with screening attenuation of up to 60dB at 1 GHz. It can be covered with plastic-bonded water-based emulsion paints or facade paints. The fiber additive AF3 is optional for crack bridging and better grounding.

Ecologically Conscious Development

The shielding paint is developed with strict ecological criteria and does not use graphene. It shields all 5G frequencies, providing an even surface and shielding up to 51dB at 1 GHz with an 8 sqm/L yield. The product is frost-resistant and suitable for functional-equipotential bonding.

TÜV-SÜD Certified Production

The production process is monitored by TÜV-SÜD, and reports and certificates are available for your convenience. Protect your living environment from harmful radiation and reduce your exposure today with HSF54 Shielding Paint.

Try our 5G blocking paint for yourself today!


  • TÜV-SÜD certified
  • Shields high-frequency and low-frequency radiation
  • Up to 90dB shielding at 40 GHz
  • Suitable for interiors and exteriors
  • Adheres to almost all substrates
  • Ingredients:  Water, natural graphite, pure acrylics dispersion, carbon black, additives, preservative (BIT, INN, MIT)


  • Reduces exposure to harmful radiation
  • Provides shielding for all 5G frequencies
  • Easy to apply and forms a hard film
  • Optional fibre additive for crack bridging and better grounding
  • Monitored by TÜV-SÜD for quality control and safety


This paint is a conductive material & an adequately integrated grounding system will provide a low-resistance path for any electrical charges found from the wiring behind the walls to dissipate safely to the ground.

You can earth a painted surface or two continuous painted surfaces by affixing a metal plate near a socket on either wall so that it makes good contact with the paint. A copper wire can connect the plate to any available earth; in this case, the standard Earth is available with most electrical sockets.

If you have any further questions regarding installation, please message us at


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